Welcome to the Strawbridge UM Church website

We pray you experience the power of God while finding out about us and the myriad of ministries that are part of our mission. For 100 years, God has been saving, teaching, guiding and using this people for His own glory. You are welcomed to visit us whenever you have opportunity and please feel free to send us a message or prayer request using the contact portal below. In the words of a late radio evangelist, "Walk with the King today, and be a blessing!"

Weekly Worship is essential to the Discipleship Adventure and every Christian should actively be involved. In worship we

  • celebrate collectively via acts of praise

  • connect with others who believe and practice the faith

  • share resources, knowing any of us can experience hard times

  • serve others who may not know our gracious Lord

  • develop by experiencing the spoken word and other spiritual disciplines like drama, dance, visual media, retreats and scriptural studies;

  • depart the experience renewed, desiring to live unto the Lord and encouraged to share the faith through our words, deeds, and (most of all) actions!

Contrary to popular belief, we are not a club, clique, or cult; "we are His workmanship called to do His will!"  We are called to "be God's love, and thereby transform the world!"